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The foundation started its first steps on 1984 in consulting Engineering  and it has begun carrying out its work activity plans steadily progressing until the foundation expanded its work to insulations  , and moving forward till it could compete over the large projects. All those have been achieved by Allah's grace and then due to the foundation's wise and developed administration, the integrated technical body and the qualified personnel of various areas of specialization. Currently the foundation occupies a prominent image in the region, and it has carried out the most important public projects in the public and the private sector with high efficiency and strong potential in order to create an ascending line graph out of unlimited confidence after achieving this lasting success since its establishment. 

In our foundation we always keep up with the country's vision of development and achieving the highest scope of success. The grace in establishing the values and principles of the foundation's approach and vision is all to its founder, Engineer. Mohammed Mutlaq Alwadani -may Allah be merciful to him- , Thanks god for who we are now .

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من نحن

Our foundation is specialized in consulting Engineering on the one hand , and hydro and thermal insulation and concrete treatments on the other hand . We also provide all the public services related to insulation, concrete treatment, water leakage detection services and multi-functional maintenance services.

We also have an integrated task force of skilled labor and modern occupational equipment for ensuring achieving quality in the first place.

Who we are

Our standards

Ensuring quality is our most important standards whether in consulting Engineering by the best specialized engineers. Or in insulations works we always care forchoosing the best insulation and concrete treatment materials due to its effect on the whole building, for this is one of the most important reasons that enhance the sustainability of the building and maintaining it for a long time.

Our vision

To maintain the durability of success and pursue to move the achieved success to a higher level so that our foundation becomes a lead in its field

Our Clients 

Customers are the main core of work and acquiring the confidence of our customers is what the foundation mainly seeks. By Allah's grace we acquired our expertise over the years and we participated in carrying out many large varied projects in the public and the private sectors.

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